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Claim Services

We’ve made it easier to report a claim for your home, auto or specialty product using the new online claim tool. With this new feature, your claim representative will be provided with necessary information to better serve your needs in a faster, more convenient way.

We are currently assisting customers affected by severe weather and other catastrophes.

Find out how Farmers is responding or follow the Mobile Claims Center @FarmersResponse.

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1-888-891-1660 TTY (for the hearing impaired)

Handling Your Claim

Whether you’re reporting a simple fender bender or a catastrophic house fire, a dog bite or on-the-job injury, Farmers follows the same basic five-step process to see every claim through from start to finish.

Claim Assignment

After your claim has been filed, our team will assign your account to a claims professional. Depending on the complexity of your claim, you may work with a team of claims representatives, each of whom has experience handling a particular aspect of your claim.

Initial Contact

A claims professional will contact you to:

  • Gather facts surrounding your loss
  • Review your coverage
  • Explain how your claim will be handled
  • Schedule an in-person appointment if one is needed
  • Identify ways to protect your property from further damage

Estimate and Evaluation

Your claims professional will then:

  • Determine whether the loss is covered
  • Inspect and document damage
  • Interview witnesses or other involved individuals
  • Take photos and samples (if needed)
  • Evaluate your claim


We will work to resolve your claim fairly either by:

  • Paying what you’re owed
  • Or explaining why there would be no payment on your claim
  • And even though our Agency is not a licensed claims adjuster, the Insurance Teacher will be there every step of the way!

Close the Claim

Once we’ve resolved your claim under the terms of your policy, we close the claim. If you discover additional expenses, we will re-open your claim to investigate.

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