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New Hire Course

Module 1 Welcome to the Team
Unit 1 Before We Begin  
Unit 2 A Message from the Agent  
Unit 3 How To Get Off to a Fast Start  
Unit 4 Equal Opportunity Employer  
Unit 5 A Safe Work Environment  
Unit 6 Ethics and Integrity  
Module 2 Where We Have Been
Unit 1 Our Agency Story  
Unit 2 Our Business as a System  
Unit 3 Our Target Client  
Unit 4 What Makes Us Unique  
Unit 5 Our Brand Promise  
Module 3 Where We Are Now
Unit 1 It's Not About the Price  
Unit 2 Our Responsibility to Our Customers  
Unit 3 Our Responsibility to Our Carriers  
Unit 4 Making Yourself Irreplaceable  
Unit 5 Delivering On Our Promise  
Module 4 Where We Are Headed
Unit 1 The Vision of Our Agency  
Unit 2 Personal Growth and Development  
Unit 3 Taking Responsibility for Your Success  
Unit 4 Incentive Plans and Bonus Opportunities  
Module 5 Expectations and Agreements
Unit 1 Working as a Team  
Unit 2 Attitude is Everything  
Unit 3 Our Agency Goals  
Unit 4 Your Role in Our Success  
Unit 5 Acceptance of Terms  
Module 6 CSR Field Interview
Unit 1 Agent Staff: New Hire