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2nd Interview

Second Interview Form

  • Include the Reference ID from the application (also known as Transaction ID) to connect all recruiting processes.
  • Prospect Information

  • Interview Questions

  • Before you begin, ask the candidate to see if they had any questions still lingering from the initial interview. If they don't have questions, it may be a red flag. If they do have questions, determine if they are about what you are going to do for them or if they are in reference to how they can succeed and add value to your agency. Type detailed notes below.
  • After our first interview, I asked you to survey friends and family to find out what they liked/disliked about their current insurance agent. What did you find out?
  • When you asked the survey questions, how many (if any) indicated they would allow you to provide a quote if you were approved for this position?
  • See how your candidate sells your agency and the services they would provide.
  • Explain that as a business owner, you have to make certain you make sound business decisions and every member of your team is expected to bring in more revenue than they are paid. You can pay $10 or $ long as the employee brings in more than what is paid. Emphasize this point BEFORE asking the question. The answer to this question is the goal they would like to achieve and is often exaggerated.
  • Recognize that while you would like to compensate the employee for what they would "like" to earn, you need to really understand what the minimum would have to be to bring them into your agency. It doesn't matter what this number is, it will be expected by Employee Agreement that they achieve a minimum performance level to maintain employment.
  • If you do this right, you will have the PERFECT compensation plan for you employee! The next step will to be to generate an Employee Agreement that is clear and expectations are measured/reported by your employee on a monthly basis.