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Building a Business that Gives Life Meaning

Your business should give you a better life, not destroy it. Unfortunately, if you don't build a solid foundation in your agency early on, your business can bankrupt you financially and emotionally!

These courses, along with our coaching program, are designed to help you create the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Starting with a clear understanding of your values which match your vision for success, we will work with you every step of the way which will help you live a life with no regrets.

Let's get started!

Module 1 Onboarding - Introduction to the Coaching Process
There are no units in this module.
Module 2 Product Knowledge
There are no units in this module.
Module 3 Leadership and Self-Awareness
Unit 1 A Starting Point  
Unit 2 Discovering Your Passion  
Unit 3 Discovering Your Passion Worksheet  
Unit 4 Why You Are Here  
Unit 5 Taking Responsibility for Your Success  
Unit 6 What's Important Now  
Unit 7 What's Important Now Questionnaire  
Unit 8 Inventing Your Leadership Style  
Unit 9 Leading with Passion  
Unit 10 Creating a Winning Attitude  
Unit 11 Your Agency Story  
Unit 12 Stay True to Your Dream  
Module 4 Strategic Planning
Unit 1 Why Most Agents Plateau and What to Do About It  
Unit 2 So What Makes Successful Agents So Unique?  
Unit 3 The Four Levels of Business Development  
Unit 4 The Myth of the EMyth  
Unit 5 Creating a Self-Running Agency  
Unit 6 Using Org Charts to Turn Dreams into Reality  
Unit 7 Employee Agreements that Work  
Unit 8 Creating a Business Plan for Success  
Unit 9 The Cost of Wasted Time  
Unit 10 Self-Organization Techniques  
Unit 11 Time Management Skills and Maximizing Efficiency  
Module 5 Branding
Unit 1 Building Your Brand  
Unit 2 Building Your Brand Worksheet  
Unit 3 Advertising Your Brand  
Unit 4 The Ultimate Customer Experience  
Unit 5 Differentiating Your Agency  
Unit 6 Office Essentials  
Unit 7 Your Lease Agreement  
Module 6 Marketing and Sales
Unit 1 Built to Impress Sales  
Unit 2 Developing Your Marketing Strategy  
Unit 3 Project 100  
Unit 4 Understanding the Competition  
Unit 5 Overcoming Call Reluctance and the Fear of Failure  
Unit 6 It's Who You Know! Building Your Centers of Influence in Your Community  
Unit 7 The Introverted Extrovert - How to Lead When You Would Prefer to Read  
Unit 8 Setting Your Sights on Commercial  
Unit 9 Exploring Social Media  
Unit 10 Financial Sales Systems that Pay  
Unit 11 Life Sales Made Easy  
Unit 12 Stop Quoting and Start Building Relationships!  
Unit 13 Generating Leads Through Trade Shows and Event Marketing  
Unit 14 The Lost Art of Cold Calling  
Unit 15 The Secret to Referral Systems  
Unit 16 Marketing Ideas to Get Your Agency Growing Again  
Module 7 Systems Development
Unit 1 Creating Meaningful Systems that Work  
Unit 2 Your Employee Management System (EMS)  
Unit 3 The ContractCoach Agent Interview and Lead Generation System  
Unit 4 Your Recruiting System - Lead Sourcing  
Unit 5 Your Interview System - Selecting Your Next Top Producer  
Unit 6 Your Hiring and Selection Process  
Unit 7 Your Review, Training and Motivation System  
Unit 8 Your Firing System - When It's Time to Move On  
Unit 9 Office Manuals and Procedure Guides  
Unit 10 Technology and the Modern Insurance Agent  
Unit 11 Your Sales System  
Unit 12 Your Retention System  
Unit 13 Your Accounting System  
Unit 14 Your Quality Control System  
Module 8 Staff Development
Unit 1 Staffed to Grow  
Unit 2 Hire the Right People and Teach Them the Right Things to Do  
Unit 3 Invest in Quality People  
Unit 4 Creating a Culture of Success  
Unit 5 Compensation Programs that Motivate  
Unit 6 Awaken Your High Performance Team  
Unit 7 Getting Your Experienced Staff Engaged  
Unit 8 The Leader Inside Your Office Manager  
Unit 9 Setting Expectations and Demanding Accountability  
Unit 10 Installing Ethics and Leading With Integrity  
Unit 11 Staff Meetings that Ignite  
Unit 12 Resolving Conflict and Frustrations  
Unit 13 The Power of Self-Staff Appraisals  
Unit 14 Your Staff as Raving Fans  
Module 9 Client Retention
Unit 1 Driving Customer Retention  
Unit 2 Why Customers Leave and What to Do About It  
Unit 3 Know Your Customer or Lose Them  
Unit 4 Service After the Sale  
Unit 5 Under Promise and Over Deliver  
Module 10 Finance
Unit 1 Finance 101 - OK, I Own a Business, Now What?  
Unit 2 Understanding Business Finance  
Unit 3 Following the Right Financial Path  
Unit 4 Too Much Month and Not Enough Money  
Unit 5 Tax Planning Strategies for Insurance Agents  
Unit 6 Making Solid Investments for Growth  
Unit 7 Accounting Fundamentals  
Module 11 Life Balance
Unit 1 Balance is the Key to Long Term Success  
Unit 2 100 Steps to a Successful Agency  
Unit 3 The Power of Perception  
Unit 4 Your Bucket List and Having Time  
Unit 5 Priorities and Living Life with no Regrets  
Module 12 For Recruiters Only
There are no units in this module.