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So You Want to be an Insurance Agent

Course by Author Jeff Hastings based on his best selling book, So You Want to be an Insurance Agent. While existing agents can benefit from the material taught in this course, it is intended to help a prospective agent/producer/employee determine if this career is right for them. Perfect for district managers and recruiters to use throughout the selection and training process!

In this course, you get:

  • All of the data in the book - and MORE!
  • Updated information not found in the hard-copy book
  • A pdf to download for future reference
  • Downloadable forms, documents and guides to assist you in your career
  • An audio book to take with you on the go!
Module 1 Foreword
Unit 1 So You Want to be an Insurance Agent  
Unit 2 Foreword  
Module 2 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction  
Module 3 Part I - Discovering Your Passion
Unit 1 Discovering Your Passion  
Module 4 Part II - The Basics
Unit 1 The Basics  
Unit 2 Company Formation  
Unit 3 Licensing  
Unit 4 Bank Accounts, Records and the IRS  
Unit 5 Payroll Services  
Unit 6 Do You Have What it Takes?  
Unit 7 Do You Have What it Takes - Results  
Unit 8 Cash Reserves, Start-Up Expenses and a Whole Lot of Effort  
Unit 9 Making the Leap  
Module 5 Part III - Getting Started
Unit 1 Getting Started  
Unit 2 Captive Agency System  
Unit 3 Independent Agency System  
Unit 4 Direct Writers  
Unit 5 Distribution Summary  
Unit 6 Top Writers of Property & Casualty Insurance  
Unit 7 Insurer Comparison Charts  
Unit 8 Market Share Report  
Unit 9 State Farm  
Unit 10 Allstate  
Unit 11 Farmers Insurance Group  
Unit 12 Nationwide  
Unit 13 Franchise Model  
Module 6 Part IV - Your Vision for Success
Unit 1 Your Vision for Success  
Unit 2 Your Organizational Chart  
Module 7 Part V - The Four Levels of Business Development
Unit 1 The Four Levels of Business Development  
Unit 2 So What Makes the Elite Agents So Unique?  
Unit 3 Hastings Hierarchy of Business Development  
Unit 4 Invest in Your Agency  
Unit 5 Agent Interview and Lead Generation System  
Module 8 Part VI - Creating Your Sales System
Unit 1 Built to Impress Sales  
Unit 2 Your Sales System  
Unit 3 Your Target Market Explained  
Unit 4 Attitude and Your Sales Performance  
Unit 5 You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression  
Unit 6 Agency Branding  
Unit 7 Social Media Made Easy  
Unit 8 Working with Realtors® and Mortgage Companies  
Unit 9 Lead Generation Tools  
Unit 10 Stop Quoting and Start Building Relationships  
Unit 11 It’s the Relationship That Makes the Difference  
Unit 12 Value Selling  
Unit 13 The Multi-Policy Sale (Cross-Sell)  
Unit 14 Trade Shows and Special Event Marketing  
Unit 15 The Extremely Important Life Sale  
Unit 16 Women and the Buying Decision  
Unit 17 Cross-Selling Made Easy  
Unit 18 Stop Cold Calling  
Unit 19 Why Customers Leave  
Module 9 Part VII - Hire the Right People
Unit 1 Hire the Right People  
Unit 2 Online Profiles to Select the Right People the First Time  
Unit 3 Develop an Effective Recruiting System  
Unit 4 Invest in Quality People  
Unit 5 Create a Game Your Employees Want to Play  
Unit 6 The Interview  
Unit 7 Why Employees Leave  
Module 10 Part VIII - Develop Your Winning Team
Unit 1 Develop Your Winning Team  
Unit 2 Breed Healthy Competition  
Unit 3 Technology and the Modern Insurance Agent  
Module 11 Part IX - Balance is Key to Your Success
Unit 1 Balance Is the Key to Long-Term Success  
Module 12 Part X - Where to Go from Here
Unit 1 Where Do We Go From Here?  
Module 13 Part XI - Tools to Help You Land Your New Career
Unit 1 Forms and Documents  
Module 14 Survey: So You Want to be an Insurance Agent Course
Unit 1 Survey: How was the Course?