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Your Referral Partner Calendar and Client Management System

Our Insurance Teacher Referral Partner calendar and client management system is purchased from a 3rd party at By allowing us to manage your account, we can insure that your account is set up properly (using your certified coach) and is connected to the systems that we install for your small business and share leads like never before!

Module 1 Welcome to ContractCoach and vCita
Unit 1 Welcome to ContractCoach and vCita Client Management System  
Module 2 How does the Contact Management System Work
Unit 1 Client Management Software  
Unit 2 Calendar and Online Scheduling  
Unit 3 The Mobile App  
Module 3 Marketing Systems
Unit 1 Lead Generation  
Unit 2 Creating Marketing Campaigns  
Unit 3 Marketing Systems  
Unit 4 Get Text Messages (SMS) to Your Mobile  
Module 4 Staff Settings and Activities
Unit 1 Staff Member Settings  
Unit 2 Define Your Staff Role and Permissions  
Unit 3 Offer Multi-Staff Online Scheduling  
Module 5 Setting Up Your Online Calendar
Unit 1 Using Your Calendar  
Unit 2 Date Specific Availability  
Unit 3 Recurring Meeting  
Unit 4 1 on 1 Appointment Options  
Unit 5 Group Events  
Unit 6 Set Follow-Up with Clients  
Unit 7 Sync with Gmail  
Unit 8 How to sync iCloud  
Module 6 Your In Box
Unit 1 Get to Know Your Inbox  
Unit 2 Email Notifications  
Module 7 Your Services Menu
Unit 1 Configuring Your Services Menu  
Module 8 Billing and Invoicing
Unit 1 Billing and Invoicing  
Module 9 How-to's and FAQ's
There are no units in this module.